540371   454 CHEVY  2.25" MERCURY  HEADER (FRESH WATER) 38" OVERALL WIDTH                                                                                                           

Our 454 Mercury fresh water header incorporates a 2 1/4" primary tube (2 1/8" I.D. header is designed for 540 cubic inch supercharged and up, and  572 cubic inch Chevy engines that are self- aspirated and up. The standard collector length is 8" and points down at approx. 14 degrees. This Header runs aft approximately 12" further than the stock manifold so it is important to measure the boat.  The header will be approximately 5" from touching the exhaust tip on the starboard side and 8" on the port side.  The Header can also be used on any boat where the exhaust tips are approximately 12" above crankshaft centerline and 27" to 28" apart.

Camshaft selection is very important to guard against reversion.  Lightning has many camshaft and lifter options from mild to wild.  We also have Jacketed Thru Hull Tail Extensions that can eliminate reversion completely.

The standard Header comes with a black powder coat finish; optional colors available. The headers come complete with water supply manifold, gaskets, bolts, pet cocks, water feed hose and clamps.







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