Dynamometer services that are tailored to marine engines. That's right. Dyno your engine with the exhaust that will actually be installed in your boat. Get a true Torque and Horsepower reading by not having to use dry Dyno headers. Use your existing log manifolds, or center rise manifolds, or brand X headers or performance manifolds. And of course, always available LIGHTNING 2" and 2 1/4" Headers in a wet or dry tail pipe configuration. Our 2000 Ft Lb Torque Dynamometer with its computer actuated load control will precisely sweep your engine from start to finish. Records Torque, Horsepower, all engine vitals, exhaust gas temp per cylinder, air fuel ratio via a wide band 02 sensor(great for EFI tuning) at every 100 RPM. Adjustable ignition timing from Dyno console, either during pull or between pulls. Have your engine timed and tuned before you install in your boat.


Building a new boat or just fixing up an old one. Lets us make your installation look new. Our in-house polishing can polish aluminum, stainless steel, brass etc.  


After your installation is polished next you might want to put a color on it.  Powder coat your motor mounts, carburetor scoop, valve covers,  intake manifold.  Match your header color.  Many colors available, plus candy translucent colors that go over a polish surfaces.