540332   350 CHEVY  1.75" LOW PORT (FRESH WATER) HEADER, 31.5" OVERALL width                                                 

Our 350 Chevy Low Port fresh water header incorporates a  1 3/4"primary tube (1 5/8" I.D.)    This Header usually replaces Mercury exhaust where their is a  "S"  bend  or  2   90deg elbows after the manifold.  The Header can also be used for other boats where the engine is very close to the transom and the exhaust port height is near crankshaft centerline.   The header points down 75 to 90 degrees.  This Header usually exits below the water line so reversion should be considered.    Keep in mind, when  exhaust tips are below the water line, the header can literally pull water up from outside the boat.

Camshaft selection is very important to guard against reversion.  Lightning has many camshaft and lifter options from mild to wild.  We also have dry tail pipe extensions that can eliminate reversion completely.

The standard Header comes with a black powder coat finish; optional colors available. The headers come complete with water supply manifold, gaskets, bolts, pet cocks, water feed hose and clamps.